Anti-corrosion products, lubrication products, home electrical circuit moisture protection products, as well as a unique line of cleaning and washing agents.

A series of products for car owners, trucks and motorcycles. Lubricants and anti-corrosion coatings designed to protect the electrical contacts and electrical equipment of the car against moisture. A nano coating with hydrophobic properties for glass and car bodies, trucks, buses and motorcycles.

A range of products for the owners of all types of water transport: hydro scooters, boats, yachts and ships. The products lubricate and protect metal surfaces and equipment against corrosion. Protective coatings against moisture and oxidation for electrical contacts and electrical equipment. Cleaners and detergents with nanocoating - the "Lotus Effect"

A series of products for bicycle owners. We have developed a special lubrication formula that protects the moving parts of your bike from moisture, creaking and wear and tear while providing excellent lubrication. All-weather lubricants are suitable for cyclists as well as for professional athletes who subject their bikes to extreme loads. In the near future we will be developing anhydrous products for washing bicycles.

We produce lubricants, anticorrosion and protective coatings for electrical and electronic equipment. A line of cleaning and washing products with unique properties. These are the most effective means of removing stone and lime deposits. The products are designed specifically for industry and, professional repair and service companies.

We offer anti-corrosion, lubrication, electrical and electronic device protection products for professional repair and service companies.